Lori Wolf Grillias

Lori Wolf Grillias is primarily a mixed media artist. Working on paper and clayboard she paints with watercolor and acrylic as well as drawing with charcoal, graphite, carand'ache crayons and watercolor pencil. Lori's fascination with the psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia filters through most of her series. As Da Vinci use to say about exercising the imagination, "In order to excite the mind, contemplate walls covered with shapeless stains or made of ill-assorted stones. Find in them mountain landscapes, trees, battles, figures with lively movements, faces, and strange costumes." At nine years old Paul Klee reflects, "tables topped with marble slabs, whose surface displayed a maze of petrified layers. In this labyrinth of lines one could pick out human grotesques and capture them with a pencil." Lori manipulates her painted surfaces revealing an outcrop of characters. Expressive gestures, provocative poses, ridiculous proportions establish a chaotic gathering. Passionate about color and fascinated by the remarkable surprises found through spontaneous painting, Lori finds inspiration in the moment.